Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Together magazine starring Priyanka Chopra distribution

In Together magazine this month Priyanka Chopra talks about her rise from Bollywood to Hollywood and playing the bad gal in Baywatch. The event...

Get fit: Put some variation in your excercise routine

myAspria contributor Nils Courcy says he has the get fit key to chasing away your boredom, stagnation and physical exhaustion. Modern man is sedentary, with...

Getting married: A truly momentous decision

Gemma Rose reflects on the case for getting married. Readers of my column may remember that three years ago I decided that I wanted to...

Together Magazine: Unleash The Power Within Workshop

Together magazine invites you to a workshop offering powerful advice on how to succeed. You’re hungry for something, and you won’t settle for less. The...

Modern fitness for the modern man – try it!

myASPRIA Contributor Nils Courcy undertook the perilous exercise of defining male beauty in modern fitness in the present day. Today’s man is well-groomed and proud...

Massage: An ancient healthy living secret

Sarbani Sen gives us the lowdown of a range of massage techniques. Once viewed as a luxury in European culture, massage has become increasingly...

Alzheimer’s: Use your diet to reduce the risk

Our nutrition expert Sophie Bruno looks at the connection between our diet and dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. If you are concerned about your future health,...

Travel: Luxurious seclusion at Sofitel So Mauritius

For our travel section, Together took a trip to a stunning hotel in a stunning spot. The dreamy island of Mauritius made its appearance on...

Julia Child: An all-embracing celebrity chef

Gemma Rose says that in teaching her how to cook, Julia Child taught her how to live. She was known as someone who never lost...

Dining in, dining out in Brussels

Bistropolitan An excellent newcomer in the dining world has arrived in the Montgomery, located conveniently close to the Metro station. And it has one of...
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