Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Late bloomers

At last year’s TEDxBrussels, I was particularly struck by one of the speakers, Lina Colucci, who spoke about health hackathons. Health hackathons bring together...

A bridge too far?

The world of engineering faces an uncertain future, but it is hoped that EU legislation could help build more solid foundations.Look around you and...

Tricothon: Knit a hat for a smoothie

1.6 million people are on in five children in Belgium live below the poverty line. Poverty is also often synonymous with social exclusion. It...

EU launches TV crime series

Europe's broadcasting union has launched a new "cross border" TV crime series designed to help "bring together" a divided continent. The Team is a...

Terrorism in Belgium: Suspect arrested in Greece

The 33-year-old Algerian arrested Saturday in Athens and believed to be linked to jihadist cell dismantled last week in Belgium said today he "agreed"...

Nous sommes Charlie

Like millions of people around the world, Together was shocked and sickened by the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Publishers are united in their stance...

Belgian student brings joy to orphans

When Matthieu, a 14-year old student at St. John’s International School heard about the efforts of his soccer coach to bring soccer clothes and...

Tax: The winds of change in Belgium

Belgium finally has new governments, both federal and regional, and it also has a sixth State Reform.Many changes are on the way. What are...

Solidarity Soup: Helping the poor of Brussels

Faithful to its values ​​and following on from the success of the first edition organized in December 2013, EXKi’s Solidarity Soup is back. On...

Operation Chococlef

The Belgian MS League needs your help!The League aims to engage the public, informing them about the disease, but also raising funds. One means...
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