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Wine: The Bordeaux Wine School

Wine: Our wine page this month looks at a burgeoning, eager organization - The Bordeaux Wine School. For thirty years, The Bordeaux Wine School, located...

Brighton Restaurant: Grand crus by the glass!

A new wine cellar for Brighton Restaurant in Brussels. Open since 1991, the Brighton Restaurant, at the heart of the Stanhope Hotel Brussels by Thon...

Festive wine: Maison Pirard offers its house taste

Local wine merchants Maison Picard have used their expertise to point you in the right direction for festive wine. The metier of the wine merchant...

Wine focus: A new estate in Pouilly-Fuissé

This month in our wine focus article we focus on the Vignoble du Mâconnais region. The Domaine des Boutires, which was acquired in 2016 by...

Wine books: TASCHEN Dali’s The Wines of Gala

This month we focus on wine books with an eccentric but serious look at a Dalíesque grouping of fine wines. Hot on the heels (or...

Brännland cider: Passion, expertise and the ambition

A prestigious wine-tasting event invited Brännland cider -Swedes who make sweet cider. For the past ten years Catherine and Philippe Cohen of CDP Fine Wines...

Burgundy wine: Protecting a region’s heritage

This month Bernard Gauvrit explains the work that is going into protecting Burgundy wine heritage. In Burgundy (Bourgogne), a Climat is the name for a...

Steiermark wine: Steep hills, keen Austrian wines

This month we head for the hills to find out about Steiermark wine and the ‘Steirische Terroir & Klassikweingüter'. Steep slopes at high elevations, unpredictable...

Catalan wine: Bodega Iniesta Minuto 116

This month we look at Catalan wine and a family vineyard that has a very famous son. Located in the heart of La Manchuela, between...

WineOLED: The perfect lamp for wine lovers

WineOLED proves that the art of wine tasting has never been so closely linked to the world of design and technology. Italian company Deslabs has...
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