Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Personal development: Quit the day job

Serendipity led Gemma Rose to a bookshop and a man living his dream. One sunny lunch time in April, I was feeling a bit down...

Brussels fitness: Why everyone should try boxing

Aspria, experts in Brussels fitness, explain how this sport allows you to combine cardio and all-round muscle strengthening with a focus on core muscles...

Eckhart Tolle: An inspiring spiritual journey

Our latest self-help book by Eckhart Tolle is firmly rooted in personal enlightenment. In 2011, Eckhart Tolle was listed by Watkins Review as the most...

Business Mentor Arnon Barnes giving back to society

International Speaker, Peak Performance Trainer and Business Mentor Arnon Barnes defines hard work. When I decided to focus on developing my coaching and training skills,...

Bogaerts International School: The school that rocks

Gemma Rose catches up with David-Ian Bogaerts, founder of Bogaerts International School. In ‘Le Domaine de Latour de Freins’ stands a Flemish-styled, neo-renaissance château, built...

Self-help: The power of the mind and positivity

Self-help expert Karen Northshield offers advice on positive thinking. “The mind is a flexible mirror, adjust it to see a better world.” Amit Ray There are many...

Marc Sluszny & Together magazine event 15 June 2017

During this unique conference, Together magazine invites Marc Sluszny to speak for the first time in Belgium on ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’. Marc Sluszny is...

BodyART: Get into some soulful body training

myASPRIA’s Nadine Zaydan explains the power of the BodyART training phenomenon. Robert Steinbacher’s body training method has become a worldwide phenomenon. His method has been...

Self-improvement: Emotional conflicts and conscious peace

Self-improvement writer and Intuitive Healer Katarina Winslow reflects on the conflicts in our psyche. What is peace? Could you say that peace is consciousness? To...

ING Belgium: Looking after expats banking needs

Together spoke to Dave Deruytter, the man in charge of ING Belgium dedicated expat services. Who is Dave Deruytter? I am married with Kathleen and father...
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