Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Lily’s restaurant & club

A year after it opened its doors Catherine Feore visits a restaurant with a lot of swagger When the news hit the street that the...

Bordeaux wine: Discover the wonders of Entre Deux Mers

In our latest Bordeaux wine article we headed southwest to enjoy the joys of the grape… and the waterways. Taking tours of the numerous stunning...

Dining detox: Give your immunity system a healthy boost

In our latest dining detox article Caroline Dierckx tested and approved the Detox cure by Martine Fallon. Who has never wanted to get back on...

Viva Hispania

We may not all be off to sunny Spain, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in Brussels and enjoy some terrific Spanish food The...

Rizom: A restaurant with strong roots

Catherine Feore visited this unique restaurant in a unique location When Olivier De Vreindt originally moved to Rizom, it was at the request of Sang...

Brussels hotels: Steigenberger Wiltcher’s starred meals

Our latest Brussels hotels article introduces a 'starred' meal you do not have to enjoy at a hotel bedroom table. Restaurants were not yet allowed...

World wine: Discover wonderful wine from the Golden State

Our World wine page this month heads for the very sunny south. When brothers Kurt and John Tiedt decided to go into the winemaking business...

Belgian gastronomy: Discover Momo la Crevette – an address of distinction

In our latest Belgian gastronomy article Caroline Dierckx enjoys marine delights at a unique fish restaurant in the heart of Waterloo.  This one-of-a-kind restaurant is...

Nutrition advice: Discover intuitive eating and the anti-diet approach

In our latest Nutrition advice article Fitness & Nutrition Coach Zita Gacser talks about something that seems so unbelievable. Imagine a life where there are...

Festive Dining: Succulent Irish lamb for your holiday table

Our latest festive dining article looks at an ideal candidate for your holiday feast. Irish lamb by Bord Bia Lambs are an integral part of the...
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