Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Terrace temptations

At the risk of tempting fate, it seems that the sun is here and it’s here to stay; at least for the next couple...

Gastronomic Belgium: Discover the wonderful Maxime Colin restaurant

In our latest Gastronomic Belgium article Caroline Dierckx enjoys fine dining in a gorgeous location on the outskirts of Brussels. The Maxime Colin restaurant in...

Fine drinks: Discover some excellent Armagnac at Chateau de Gensac

In our latest fine drinks page we head to a 13th century chateau. The Chateau de Gensac business has been built on a passion for...

Brussels dining: eat! BRUSSELS, drink! BORDEAUX 2019

The annual Brussels dining event of the year as 18 new chefs are on the menu From 5-8 September 2019, foodies and gourmet enthusiasts have...

Brussels dining: Chez Léon has a new look kitchen

Chez Léon has been a fixture on the Brussels dining scene for many decades. But they never rest on their laurels – they are...

Food & Drink: The Culture Of Coffee

Food & Drink: Andy Carling brings us on a voyage of coffee discovery. If it wasn’t for coffee, I don’t think I would have found the...

Food Writing: Food & Ideas at The Poet

Food Writing: Sharing food and ideas at The Poet. Just around the corner from Place du Luxembourg, the Renaissance Hotel's brand new restaurant has one of the things I love about...

Lily’s restaurant & club

A year after it opened its doors Catherine Feore visits a restaurant with a lot of swagger When the news hit the street that the...

Wine advice:  Discover German wines and… asparagus

In this month’s wine advice, we reveal some humble eye-raising pairings... The misconception of German wines relying on ‘pairing’ with bratwurst and suckling pig is...

Belgian wine: Discover the juicy Château Bon Baron

In this month’s Belgian wine article a Belgian château explains about its wines and soils. Our wines are characterized by their specific soil cultivation. This...
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