Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Celebrity: Michelle Dockery – Lady In Waiting

Celebrity: Richard Aldhous looks at an actress whose reinvention continues at pace in 2020. In all fairness, Michelle Dockery has been away from behemoth that...

Celebrity: Robert Downey Jr – Ressurected

Celebrity: This month Together met up with an extraordinary character blockbusting his way across the planet - Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. is one...

Celebrity: Spike Lee – Proud Of Who You Are

Together met up with Spike Lee, an iconic movie director celebrating an anniversary. Three decades after the release of what many deem to be his...

Celebrity: Daisy Ridley – The Force Is With Her

Celebrity: This month we speak to a young woman who has helped take Star Wars to new heights - Daisy Ridley. Daisy Ridley sprung to...

Celebrity: Simon Baker Connecting with the Truth

Celebrity: Together publisher David Mc Gowan sat down with Simon Baker, a fine actor who is also an ambassador of time itself. Together: Tell us...

Celebrity: James Mc Avoy, in love with his trade

Celebrity: Together sat down with a young Scottish actor James McAvoy whose rise is nothing short of meteoric. Having been the scary guy in Split,...

Celebrity actress Sienna Miller is a native New Yorker

Our latest celebrity actress has tackled some very difficult roles. Often classed as a Brit but actually a native New Yorker, it may have taken...

Celebrity Interview: Matt Damon

For this month's celebrity interview we sat down with Matt Damon, an actor who can be justifiably proud of his career. You could never say...

Movie star Halle Berry is changing the film business

In our movie star interview Together sat down with an actress, producer, entrepreneur… and mum. Halle Berry returns to the big screen for the first...

Books: Two of Halle Berry’s Favourites

We look at two of Halle Berry's favourite books: Love by Toni Morrison and Some Love, Some Pain, Sometime by Joan Cooper.  Love Toni Morrison is an American...
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